Casual Intimacy

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On this page you can listen to the groups and projects

      I’m involved with as a musician and composer.


Free Improvisation -

Klas Nevrin, grand piano

Richard Ekre Suzzi, bansuri

Richard Ekre Suzzi

Göran Månsson

Jonas Simonson

     - Ensemble Mishra -

         an international

world contemporary quintet

Mauricio Garay - 10 string guitar, vocals

Richard Ekre Suzzi - bansuri flute

Jorge Paredes - guitar, vocals

David Kuckhermann - percussion

Javiera Abalo - cello

Olof Wendel and Richard Ekre Suzzi

Aranya - Richard Ekre Suzzi, David Kuckhermann and Mauricio Garay Cid started trio Aranya in 2013, receiving a grant from MusikVerket in Sweden, that (amongst more) supports international collaborations between musicians. They performed since then in Sweden, Germany and China.

David Kuckhermann, Germany - percussion (frame drums, cajon, udu, hang and more)

Mauricio Garay, Chile - 10-stringed guitar, vihuela andina, vocals

Richard Ekre Suzzi, Sweden -

bansuri flute